I'm teaching a wedding lighting class!

I'm excited that the good people at FilterPhoto want me to teach a small workshop class at The Chicago Photography Center on October 7th 9am-1pm. It's a steal at $95. Here's the class description:

The class will describe my perspectives and techniques on using available light as well as small strobe equipment such as hot-shoe mounted flashes coupled with various light modifiers. The focus of the class will be to talk about the realistic problems and opportunities that come up in wedding photography and how to produce great lighting, no matter what the conditions.

Though we'll often be looking at wedding photographs, the techniques, equipment and challenges/solutions are pretty universal for anyone shooting on location with a relatively small amount of gear and team members. I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas and experience--and hopefully picking up a few new ones as well!

I'll be bringing and talking about the RadioPopper/Canon Wireless system I use for the camera/flash control. I'll also bring along the trusty pocket wizards which more people are likely to be using. I'll also bring along my various diffusers, reflectors and other gadgets that help handle the curveballs that location shooting can throw you.

Below are a couple images that were shot with strobe mixed with existing light. I'll prepare a slide show with some good example images that we'll discuss in the class in addition to our hands-on workshop time.

I'd love to see you there :)