Firmwide Photography for Wexler Wallace LLP

It made my day today to see that Wexler Wallace have revamped their website with all new portraits I did for them recently. We also had opportunity to photograph the attorneys at work. It was a great project from start to finish. We were lucky we had good weather on all of the shoot days!

Growing Home Cultivating Connections Video

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to work with Growing Home, a farm-based transitional jobs program located in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The work they do is inspiring and it is such a lift every time I go down there.
I've been doing photography for them for almost 10 years now and this year they asked if I could produce a video for their fundraiser event. The video tells the story of three of their graduates. All three of them were very generous with their time and their stories. It was a wonderful project and it was especially rewarding to have the brilliant mind of April Harrington, their Development Director. Thank you Growing Home!