Team Meeting Photo Shoot with MultiCare Consulting

I've been working with the great people at MultiCare Consulting Services for over 4 years now. They have grown exponentially! When they have their ever-larger internal conference meetings, they have had me photograph their new hires, update the shots of individuals who've been with them for a long time, and do a big group shot of the team.

This year the group has grown to over 60 people. We were fortunate to be able to use the incredible facilities of the Gleacher Center of the University of Chicago. We had some time constraints: we had to finish the entire shoot in 90 minutes so the team could all get to their next event.

Thanks to the great organization of their Senior Executive Assistant Lisa Pyle as well as my fantastic team of Noah Gage and Brenna Ferguson we were able to easily take care of everything and let everyone get to their much more exciting bowling and dinner event!

On a technical note: the time slot we had for the group meant that it was almost black as night outside but using a little trickery with multiple exposures, we were able to amplify the outdoor light to create a much brighter exterior background :)

Corporate group portrait photo of MultiCare Consulting Services at The Gleacher Center January 29, 2014

Location shoot with Chicago Physicians of Michigan Avenue Immediate Care

It has been a few years since I was last at Michigan Avenue Immediate Care to photograph their new additions to the physicians. This time they asked me to get some interiors photography of their patient facilities. And of course, in keeping with a tradition established last time, we had to do our jumping group shot!

Business Headshot with local entrepreneur Ginna Ryan

I had the pleasure of doing business headshots for my neighbor and Chicago businessperson, Ginna Ryan of Mauge, Inc., a Chicago creative services agency. She needed a photo for her profile in the Illinois Real Estate Journal. The business headshots are going great. With my mechanical-genius assistant Brent Knepper, I've built a permanently mounted to the ceiling 4x12 lightbox that creates great-for-every-face light that allows me to be always ready for a headshot and that means that I can keep my pricing very reasonable, $95. And it also means I really can get a great shot in 15 minutes which is huge for the busy businessperson. In the next couple weeks I'm going to expand my background options to accommodate different business profiles and styles. Stay tuned!

Chicago Business Headshot of Entrepreneur Ginna Ryan, Mauge, In

Headshot Session with Dina and Ryan

Yesterday I did photographs with the talented Dina Connolly and Ryan Walters. I met both of them whilst doing photographs for the Neofuturists several years ago. The Neofuturists are some of the most talented performers and writers in Chicago and their signature show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is a must-see Chicago event. I've been fortunate to photograph a number of the Neo shows. Yesterday was my first opportunity to get some real shots with my new movable wall system that my super assistant Brent Knepper assembled for the studio.

On the technical side, being able to move the lights and wall is so great for a photographer. 2nd wall to come which will allow for a corner, made into a spectacular photographic signature by Irving Penn in the 1940's. I'm also digging my orange seamless.

Actress Dina Connolly

Actor Ryan Walters

Actor Ryan Walters

Actors Dina Connolly and Ryan Walters