Pacific Northwest Trip

This past Fall Amy and I had a wonderful time in Washington and Oregon. I brought along my Leica and Canon S90 and took some photos for fun. A big thank you to my friend and colleague Barry Phipps who made some great scans of the film with his custom setup!  

01-Portland Rose Garden-111010-ac_146_111010_Portland.psd

The beautiful Portland Rose Garden in the rain!

02-Portland Rose Garden-111010-ac_144_111010_Portland.psd
03-Washington Park-111010-ac_125_111010_Portland.psd
04-The Bluff of North Portland-111009-ac_116_111009_Portland.psd

I love this view of Portland over the Bluff

05-Saint Johns Bridge-111009-ac_112_111009_Portland.psd
06-Saint Johns Bridge-111009-ac_113_111009_Portland.psd
07-a place on the water-111007-ac_043_111007_Seattle.psd
09-Puget Sound-111007-ac_033_111007_Seattle.psd
08-a place on the water-111007-ac_039_111007_Seattle.psd
9a-a place on the water-111007- 0664_andy_s90.PSD
10-a place on the water-111007-ac_048_111007_Bainbridge Island.psd
11-a place on the water-111007-ac_047_111007_Bainbridge Island.psd
12-a place on the water-111007-ac_051_111007_Bainbridge Island.psd
13-Puget Sound-111007-ac_022_111007_Seattle.psd
13a-McMenamin's  Brewery Queen Anne-120509-ac_004_111005_Seattle.psd

Amy enjoying a beer at McMenamin's right near our hotel

13b-McMenamin's  Brewery Queen Anne-120509-ac_003_111005_Seattle.psd

I prefer being behind the camera :)

14-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_110_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd

Long drive up to the top of Mt St Helens

15-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_074_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd
17-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_083_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd
16--111008-ac_074a_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd
19-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_093_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd
18-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_092_111008_Mount St. Helen's copy.psd

It felt like SciFi

20-Mount St. Helen's-111008-ac_097_111008_Mount St. Helen's.psd

The weather was beautiful that day!