Salmons Consulting Warehouse Location Shoot

Litigation Consultants Salmons Consulting contacted me looking for photography for their new website. They wanted something more unique than a backdrop studio shoot. When they said they wanted a factory-look I knew right away where we should shoot: Salvage One. Salvage One is a super-cool architectural remnants store spanning several floors of an old warehouse on the near west side. I know the building literally inside and out because I lived there and had my first serious studio there for almost 10 years. I'm looking forward to doing other shoots there as there are so many cool spots.

The women of Salmons Consulting were great to work with. We did some super fun individual portraits as well as come cool group shots using the features of Salvage One.

Chicago attorney Nenye Uche

Chicago criminal defense attorney Nenye Uche was a great subject. We did his portrait for his law practice publicity needs. He had a lot of ideas and together I think we got some great shots!

I especially liked working without flash on some of the shots. Even with the lighting inconsistencies, the look is so much more real. First shoot using the new VSCO Film Pack 6. My favorite so far!

Now that winter is here for good I fear the days of outdoor shooting are pretty much gone!

Location portrait with Lawrence Olszak for Google

Google for Work hired me to photograph Lawrence Olszak, Director of Information Services at Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Larry was the city's project manager on a new system designed using Google Maps to:

"help officials to make more informed decisions about scheduling projects which has already saved the city $14.5 million YTD 2014, by eliminating duplicated work—saving resources and reducing the amount of time streets are closed".

We coordinated the shoot at a construction site at the busy intersection of LaSalle and Washington streets. Larry was a great sport as we worked quickly a midst the traffic!

Check out Google's blog post with the final image

Lawrence Olszak, Director of Information Services at Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Location shoot with attorneys of Whitt Sturtevant LLP

Whitt Sturtevant wanted to reimagine their online presence. Their new website required highly specialized layouts, using full-screen designs. They needed not only contemporary portraits of their attorneys in natural poses, but also very specific image layouts. I worked closely with their design team as well as the attorneys to craft images that spoke to the ideas of their company as well as their style.