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Headshot Session with Dina and Ryan

Yesterday I did photographs with the talented Dina Connolly and Ryan Walters. I met both of them whilst doing photographs for the Neofuturists several years ago. The Neofuturists are some of the most talented performers and writers in Chicago and their signature show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is a must-see Chicago event. I’ve been fortunate to photograph a number of the Neo shows.
Yesterday was my first opportunity to get some real shots with my new movable wall system that my super assistant Brent Knepper assembled for the studio.

On the technical side, being able to move the lights and wall is so great for a photographer. 2nd wall to come which will allow for a corner, made into a spectacular photographic signature by Irving Penn in the 1940’s. I’m also digging my orange seamless.

Actress Dina Connolly

Actor Ryan Walters

Actor Ryan Walters

Actors Dina Connolly and Ryan Walters

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