Visit to KIPP Ascend School - Andrew Collings Photography

Visit to KIPP Ascend School

One of my most fun and interesting clients is KIPP Ascend Charter School. They are a great organization with a zeal for which I wasn’t fully prepared! The school is always buzzing and the students have a great energy. Last week they asked me to come photograph their Career Day. The professions represented ranged from paramedic to actuary and from the military to branding-placement advisor.
01-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9456.jpg

02-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9622.jpg

03-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9292.jpg

04-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9495.jpg

05-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9593.jpg

06-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9668.jpg

07-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9760.jpg

08-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9284.jpg

09-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9571.jpg

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12-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9768.jpg

13-KIPP Ascend School-090423-9776.jpg

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