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Studio Portrait with Interior Designer Jenna Wedemeyer

I had a great time last week photographing the talented interior designer, Jenna Wedemeyer. Jenna has an interior design company here in Chicago. She was great to work with and we got some fun and catchy and professional portraits.
Doing portraits in the studio is so enjoyable and makes me think of the idea of the studio portrait while doing the work. I’ve done them for a long time now but it never gets old. It’s a great tradition in photography and it’s good to have such a usable and busy studio. I think a lot of what makes a portrait real and pleasing is that it occurs in a flow of activity. And a busy studio environment is part of  that flow.

The studio wall system is finished now and it is fabulous to have the ability to create an entire room on the fly and position the walls anywhere I want them!

I was once again fortunate to have the fantastic services of makeup artist Sandy Morris. Even with good lighting and a little photoshop, there’s no substitute for having a professional makeup artist. Every face is unique and so is every personality. A great make up artist like Sandy can bring out the features that make a person’s face really sing. And the time and attention is also felt by the person being photographed–which also shows in their expressions.

Chicago Interior Designer Jenna Wedemeyer photographed at Andrew Collings Studio.


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