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Fun with Corporate Location Portraits

2010 has been a good year for the weddings. But we’ve also done a fair amount of business portraits on location, for companies directly as well as for advertising/marketing companies.
I’ve found that shooting with natural light and low depth of field has the best feel for the shots. A few are below.

Shooting with the Elinchrom studio strobes on location is tricky. It’s easy to have way too much power. We bring a bunch of gels with us: color correcting as well as neutral density to get the power down.

We also bring a Polarizer filter for the shots of the executive in front of the window to allow us to shoot with a wide aperture to reduce depth of field. Our shutter speed can’t go above 1/125 to get the full power strobe. We tried using the Canon flashes and RadioPoppers but the quality of light was too harsh for a high-end flattering portrait.

One type of shot that I’ve really enjoyed doing this year is the “conference room action portrait.” Sometimes it’s a real meeting and sometimes it’s done for the camera. I often have to supplement the existing light but the more real-looking the better. And low (as in, really low) depth of field is crucial.

Group shots are always a challenge. It’s tough getting everyone looking good and also not have it be too yearbook-looking. But we’ve definitely made progress in that area as well.

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