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Spring IS coming…

 Outdoor Chicago corporate portrait. October 24, 2013.  Outdoor Chicago corporate portrait.

With our latest snowfall, I thought it would be great to post some photos of one of the last shoots I did during the good weather this past Fall. Though it seems hard to believe, Spring will come, and with it comes great opportunities for beautiful outdoor corporate portraits.

I did this shoot for a longtime client, Elementum Advisors. I have photographed their team members since the company began.

In the past, Elementum always had me do in-studio shots against a background but this time Meredith Oliver, their HR/Compliance Coordinator, approached me with a desire for something fresher and more contemporary. Their building has a fantastic roof deck and that made getting great shots a breeze. Breeze is the operative word as it was a very chilly afternoon and the period of time when the light was perfect was only about 20 minutes, according to my sun-calculator app, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, So we had a lot of reasons to shoot fast.

Shooting fast also keeps the momentum going with a portrait shoot. Too often, as the shoot goes on, the interest wanes. I think it’s crucial to be organized but also be fast and get the shot before people’s self-consciousness has a chance to take hold.

For Elementum, we did 15 portraits in under an hour. And everyone was able to get back inside before the cold got to them.

I know Spring is around the corner and I’m looking forward to the end of this long Winter and doing more great outdoor portraits soon!

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