Andrew Collings Photography Success Story: Glenstar

Success Story: Glenstar

Commercial Real Estate Firm Glenstar Uses Photography to Showcase their Rebrand and Unique Personalities

We love shooting workplace portraits!

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with the people at Glenstar, a commercial real estate firm with offices in Chicago and Dallas that manages almost nine million square feet of trendsetting space. Not everyone on the team had a professional photo, and they felt the ones they had were dated. According to Director of Marketing and Customer Experience Jessica Doll, “Glenstar recently went through a rebrand and we wanted our people and our properties to be a big part of that story. It was important for us to invest in new imagery that showcased our teams and their unique personalities, all within our spaces.”

And what spaces they are! Each workplace portrait was in a fun, beautiful space, but to ensure we brought to life Glenstar’s vision of a “suite of modern images,” we also photographed more traditional headshots of each employee that very same day. Transitions between the different sets were smooth and easy, as each person was photographed on the light backdrop while another team from our studio prepped the lighting and space for that employee’s environmental shot. The two sets of photos will be used for websites, social media, industry events, and speaking engagements.

“I was surprised at how fast the photoshoots went,” Jessica told us, noting that we allotted each person 10 minutes for the light backdrop and 10 minutes for the workplace portrait. “That was enough time to get at least one good photo of everyone.” We understand how valuable your time is – not to mention that it can be intimidating being in front of the camera! – so we prioritize making your shoot as comfortable and easy as possible. “Andrew is always super friendly and easy going which makes a generally awkward experience of having your picture taken much more fun.” Thanks for the kind words, Jessica! We can see it’s a great place to be. Just listen to how she describes it:

“Founded nearly 20 years ago, Glenstar is more than just a property manager, or a developer, or an investor. We are all of these, which makes working here so interesting – because the work is always changing and no two days are alike. We have asset managers, property managers, deal teams, brokers, construction managers, accountants and marketing under one roof and all working together. Glenstar has an entrepreneurial spirit and is dedicated to our employees, our tenants and our investors.”

We’re so glad we had the opportunity to make some beautiful images for Glenstar. It’s always fun to capture clients in the spaces they work – and the comfort and confidence they exude there.

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