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Success Story: UChicago Medicine Doctors at Work

In addition to our portrait work, we love photographing professionals on the job. And one of our absolute favorite clients is University of Chicago Medicine. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph the doctors at work at the different hospitals of the University of Chicago Medicine healthcare network.

Doing these shoots is always a challenge because of the busy schedules of the doctors. And also, we need to stay out of the way of the critical work that healthcare professionals are doing every minute of the day.

On a technical note, I’ve come to really enjoy using continuous/video lights as opposed to strobe/flash lighting. It allows for a much more natural feel to the images and allows me to integrate my lighting into the scene more subtly. And with shoots like these, we always have an iPad in the hands of the marketing team member overseeing the shoot. That way they can make sure they’re getting everything they need in terms of the shots, even at the quick pace that these shoots require!

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