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Video Profile of Active Transportation Alliance

I’m so proud of the video I created for Active Transportation Alliance, an incredible organization that I’m very passionate about.

The mission of Active Transportation Alliance is to advocate for walking, bicycling, and public transit to create healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.

I worked with Active Transportation Alliance to create a video that showcased their organization and their mission. They are a great asset to our city and our region and I was honored to be able to help advance their cause.

I took care of the interviews and BRoll and graphics. Because of COVID, we chose to use some archival video and images provided by Mark Lind, Tom Nowak, Jason Jenkins, Joe Ferrantelli, Anne Evans, Steven Gross as well as the dedicated staff and volunteers of the organization over the decades.

Their Communications Director, Ted Villaire, was amazing as an interviewer and liaison between the organization and me. As a published author, he’s much better with words than I so I’ll let him introduce the video:

“When we decided to create a video for the Active Transportation Alliance, Andrew Collings Photography helped develop the ideas behind it, fleshing out the content and what was feasible for our time frame. We settled on a brief organizational identity video that includes a series of testimonials featuring a handful of supporters and one of our board members.

The final product is exactly what we were hoping for. The video now serves as a tool we use when approaching potential donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors for support. It provides a quick and easy way for people to better understand the work we do, who it impacts, and how we work toward those goals. Since our organization is membership based, we also use the video to help enlist new members and retain our existing members.

Communicating with people about our work is not always easy. As a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to improve conditions for people walking, bicycling, and using public transportation in the Chicago region, we’re often faced with the challenge of people being unfamiliar with our issues. On top of that, the public is often unfamiliar with how nonprofit advocacy work functions. This video helps fill that communications gap. In addition to the testimonials, Andrew shot plenty of B-roll footage that explains our work visually. The B-roll footage and testimonials combined with carefully selected photos provides a highly engaging overview of our work that allows people to quickly grasp what we do. The video serves as a big step forward in successfully communicating our work and forging a stronger connection with potential supporters.”

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