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Corporate Lifestyle

Your Story. Your People.

Styled Scenes Of Your People At Work

Do away with the stock photos – tell your company’s story with your people!
A corporate lifestyle shoot is an incredibly strong way to add authority and class to your marketing. With professional shots of your team in action, you can have materials alive with the energy that your people bring to the workplace.

Strengthen the image of your brand by populating your website, publications, and other collateral with beautifully styled photographs of your people at work.

From scenes of meetings and collaboration to casual moments between employees sharing a laugh, we capture real scenes that fit the spirit and message of your company.

Our Corporate Lifestyle shoots differentiate your marketing:

  • We take a filmmakers’ approach, choreographing the shots and coaching your people to make the images really work to explain an idea
  • Our understanding of lighting, using specialized equipment and techniques, makes the shots look and feel real
  • We take a team approach: think of a movie and how many people are involved in each shot. While we’re not operating on that scale, you need more than just a photographer to get complex Corporate Lifestyle shoots right.
  • Corporate Lifestyle shoots involve a lot of moving parts and our team works closely with your marketing department before, during and after the shoot to make sure you’re getting exactly the image and idea you want
  • Our ability to set up, shoot, and quickly change angles means you’ll have lots of shot options to use in all kinds of collateral

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