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Greenscreen Headshots

Infinite Background Choices

Consistency Guaranteed

Greenscreen compositing digitally places each member of your team on backgrounds of your choosing, giving a consistent, natural, and contemporary feel to your headshot.

What’s great about this greenscreen approach? 

Regardless of whether your team members were photographed in your offices or at our studio, each picture will look as if it were taken at the same time, in the same place. 

From workplace scenes to views from your office windows, backgrounds can be aligned very precisely between individuals of varying heights.

Often a photographer is hired to do team headshots during a very busy all-company meeting day. Conducting the shoot as complex environmental portraits in an office that could be a long walk (or plane flight) from the meeting room may not be practical.

What about the weather? Chicago isn’t known for perfect weather every day, not to mention consistent weather every day! When the backgrounds are photographed separately from the subject, the weather can be awful during the photo session but beautifully sunny in the final images.

And because greenscreen can be done anywhere, there’ll be no moving office furniture or reserving your conference room for a shoot every time – meaning you’ll get a dramatically faster shoot experience.

We’ve perfected the art of the greenscreen session:

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