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Great Environmental Portraits in Your Workplace

Environmental portraits are a contemporary alternative to the standard backdrop headshot: they are shot in your offices, giving your image an extra boost of casual confidence.

With a workplace portrait, your team members can “own” their space: leaning on the wall, half-sitting on a desk, or adopting a conversational pose in a fancy chair or couch.

Have a great view or a hi-tech conference room you want to show off? We’re happy to travel to you and photograph your team in their natural work environment, highlighting the authority and poise which makes them so effective in that very workspace.

Why let the Andrew Collings Team make your environmental portraits?

  • We find the optimal spots for showing off the space and creating dramatic scenes of both your office and the views out the windows
  • We understand the right balance between appearing casual while also conveying the status of your position. There’s an art to making a person appear approachable but still authoritative.
  • We guide your people into the right poses and expressions while also engaging them to bring out their best
  • We understand your time is valuable: your C-Level execs want a great-looking shot but they want it to happen fast. We have our shooting down to a science and make sure that perfect shots feel effortless for everyone involved.
  • We understand the importance of balancing colors and tones: workplace portraits present complex lighting situations, as shots will get a mix of our lights, different colored interior lights, plus bright light from outside. Our expertise blends all of these elements together for a fantastic-looking final image.
  • Our experience maintaining image branding consistency makes us the ideal partners in conveying your company’s identity through the individual aesthetics of your workspace

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