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Group Photography

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From 3 to 300!

For that one time when you can get everyone together, get the shot.
Show your customers, your employees and your shareholders who you are as a group.

We’ll get the shot — see how:

  • Pre-Photo planning: taking detailed notes on the timeline of the day and giving you all the details ahead of time on how to prepare your people and the space for the best results.
  • Always flexible: we know how your team’s day can change at the last minute. We’re able to easily adapt and think on our feet to do the shot when you need it done.
  • We know how tight your leadership team’s schedules are: often these group shots are taken during an incredibly busy day for your team. We’ll do all of the planning and preparation so that your executives can walk in and walk out in minutes.
  • Picking the right location: knowing exactly how much space we need to get a great group shot. And choosing a spot that shows off your space!

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