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Re-Opening the Office: Video for OMSNIC

This past year has certainly been quite different for businesses, and the challenges of a pandemic are presenting offices with their own unique set of considerations. Energies that may once have been spent on quarterly reports, hiring initiatives, and 5-year strategic plans might now be diverted towards research and brainstorming on how to reopen an office space safely. As the way we move through the physical world has drastically shifted over the last few months, offices are looking for ways to communicate new practices, vocabularies, and expectations to their employees as buildings reopen for workers.

Recently we worked with professional liability insurer OMSNIC to produce a video to demonstrate new procedures for employees returning to the company offices.

OMSNIC is the leading provider of professional liability insurance to oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and its subsidiary, Fortress Insurance, provides professional liability insurance to general dentists and other dental specialists. They asked us to produce a video that would be an effective way to educate their employees of office procedure changes when they return to work. To present their changes in an inviting way so that their employees would feel at ease with the thought of returning to the office.

We’ve enjoyed working with OMSNIC for several years now, making images for its corporate profile and annual report. Collaborating with them on a short video, an opportunity to translate our knowledge of light, composition, and clear communication from still images to moving ones, was a natural transition and another great extension of our teamwork.

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