Smart, Convenient Corporate Headshots - Downtown Chicago!

Success Story: Hundreds of headshots for AHEAD employees, all in a day’s work

We’re back in the studio!

It’s so exciting that the downtown studio at Andrew Collings Photography is open again after a couple months of being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions! We’ve been welcoming back some great clients and can’t wait to see you too.

In the meantime, we’re looking back on some fun shoots we’ve done – and boy, was this day with 300 employees from AHEAD one of them!

AHEAD builds platforms for digital business, weaving together advances in cloud infrastructure, intelligent operations, and modern applications to help enterprises deliver on the promise of digital transformation. AHEAD hires top talent and believes it’s important to invest in its employees to keep them around.

As Nick Rodriguez, Manager of Sales Enablement, explained, AHEAD wanted to highlight its subject matter experts more prominently online as part of its brand evolution. “We thought everyone should get the opportunity to upgrade their profile photos and we could then standardize what those look like. We’ve been providing the photo day service at our Kickoffs and Town Halls for the past 2 years, and it’s been an absolute hit. When AHEAD doubled in size at the end of 2019, we were able to get all the new employees updated photos that looked great while still matching the previous photoshoots.”

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A great display of teamwork – from photography to post-production to AHEAD’s coordinating efforts – made for a successful day of photographing 300 employees with our greenscreen approach and digitally inserting them onto some great backgrounds.

Nick told us why greenscreen was a great option for AHEAD: “We wanted these photos to match our company culture. Modern, professional, yet approachable and fun. We also wanted flexibility in backgrounds and attire. With greenscreen, we could easily leverage these photos for multiple purposes and provide multiple background options.”

“AHEAD’s mission is to learn, grow, and achieve,” Nick said. “To us, it’s why we love what we do. We love learning together, growing together, and achieving results together. This means professionally and personally, and doing so together with our peers, our partners, and our customers. In that vein, I see Andrew as more of a partner than just a photographer. We collaborate on projects. I come to Andrew with ideas and we create a solution together. His expertise helps guide me in the right direction and his passion lets me know he’s dedicated. He’s a business partner who is committed to my professional success and the success of AHEAD.”

Thank you for your kind words, Nick! As always, we had a blast with AHEAD and can’t wait for the next Kickoff!

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